smells like protestant spirit

I was quietly sobbing over Max Weber’s The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism in a public library in graduate school. A revered early 20th century masterwork of sociological analysis, this book is nevertheless not commonly considered a tearjerker. But, as I read passages like: Not leisure and enjoyment, but only activity serves to ...

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flow me a sign

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“Black holes are where God divided by zero.” What better way for the universe to announce that I have pondered the cosmic ramifications of quantum physics enough than to flash a bumper sticker like that across my path? The universe may well be ultimately unknowable, but it sure does have a sense of humor sometimes. ...

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are you experienced?

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Twenty-two years later, I open up The Dancing Wu Li Masters and find an E.E. Cummings quotation?!? Synchronicity just so is, I tell you. “Knowledge is a polite word / for dead but not buried imagination.” Ouch, as I sit here neck-deep in supposedly knowledgeable books. But, thank you, Universe. I needed that. I have ...

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totally un-understandable

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I thought it was Werner Heisenberg who didn’t like what he saw. Turns out it was Max Planck. Those pesky 20th century physicists who changed our fundamental conception of the universe. One became so uncomfortably uncertain and one became so comfortable with ultimate uncertainty. Yin and yang indeed. Where to begin? The pages of my ...

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no string attached

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“I think it’s like a prayer.” My then seven-year-old had answered her own question more exquisitely than I ever could have. I had managed to keep my didactic mouth shut and allow her to answer it for herself. Two quiet miracles in one quiet moment while a mother was at home with her child. She ...

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couldn’t have said it better myself, part 3

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+++++Jeffrey McDaniel is a poetry god, and just another soul like you and me. He has written the best poem about God I have yet to come across all these many years. Oh! And I should have been encouraging you to read these (and all) poems out loud! All together now… The Foxhole Manifesto “There ...

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couldn’t have said it better myself, part 2

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When I first read this poem by old soul and big heart Steve Marsh, while I intellectually understood it as a poem about love of the “between true lovers” variety, I kept intuiting a love letter to and with the Universe as well. I wonder what you will think… Belated Valentine: A Work in Progress ...

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couldn’t have said it better myself, part 1

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Speaking of wings… My family and I are extremely blessed and lucky to be flying off, as Tigger would say, “on a big explore” for a good while, and so for this and the next two posts I simply wanted to share with you three of the best poems I have ever come across thanks ...

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