“You see these words on a screen, 

little dots of light, like lots of tiny lanterns 

on your own horizon. 

Imagine them held high, 

being waved by many people 

who wrote many more glowing words before me. 

These little dots of light are apparently illuminated 

by even tinier streams of electrical intention, 

of zero’s and one’s, 

little yes’s and no’s, 

constant flickerings of presence and absence. 

Just like souls. 

Imagine all of that nearly cellular energy 

like the energies that have pulsed 

from and through many many people 

before you and I, 

like all of their stories 

ultimately enlighten ours in some quiet way. 

Imagine words as not just mere and more content 

strewn out upon the ether, 

but as a universe of feathers, 

enough to grace every path.” xoxoAe