no string attached

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“I think it’s like a prayer.” My then seven-year-old had answered her own question more exquisitely than I ever could have. I had managed to keep my didactic mouth shut and allow her to answer it for herself. Two quiet miracles in one quiet moment while a mother was at home with her child. She ...

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couldn’t have said it better myself, part 3

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+++++Jeffrey McDaniel is a poetry god, and just another soul like you and me. He has written the best poem about God I have yet to come across all these many years. Oh! And I should have been encouraging you to read these (and all) poems out loud! All together now… The Foxhole Manifesto “There ...

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couldn’t have said it better myself, part 2

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When I first read this poem by old soul and big heart Steve Marsh, while I intellectually understood it as a poem about love of the “between true lovers” variety, I kept intuiting a love letter to and with the Universe as well. I wonder what you will think… Belated Valentine: A Work in Progress ...

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couldn’t have said it better myself, part 1

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Speaking of wings… My family and I are extremely blessed and lucky to be flying off, as Tigger would say, “on a big explore” for a good while, and so for this and the next two posts I simply wanted to share with you three of the best poems I have ever come across thanks ...

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